BVS Solitaire Collection

BVS Solitaire Collection 6.6

Now you can play 430 variations of the famous card game, Solitaire
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Are you a fan of the classic game Solitaire? If your answer is "yes", then I'm sure, you'll love this program. BSV Solitaire Collection, as its name implies, is a program with a collection of 430 variations on this famous card game.

It is likely that you do not know the rules for all the game variations that this program brings. So in the program's help file, you will be able to see the respective descriptions of each game and its rules.

The games are divided into 13 categories, e.g. adding and pairing games, bisley type, castle type, freecell type, non-builders, forty thieves type, etc.

The program also allows you to have a database for several players. So in this way, each player may keep a record of his own scores. In addition, the program can display detailed statistics for each player, including the number of won/lost games, best times, score history, etc.

The interface is simple without many frills. However, there are some interesting customization options. For example, you can choose different types of card sets, card backs, and backgrounds. Besides, some visual effects like shadows, drag and drop cards, sounds, and others, can be also added and customized easily.

Finally, you can try a 30-day trial version of BSV Solitaire Collection. After that period, you will be asked to buy the product.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • The program includes 430 Solitaire game variations
  • The program's interface is simple and easy to use
  • It includes the description and rules for each game


  • The program's interface could be improved
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